Other services

otros servicios

Our team of lawyers can help you with the following steps:

  • Drafting of legal reports in migration matters.
  • Lodging of administrative remedies and appeals before the contentious-administrative courts in immigration and nationality matters.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments before the Spanish courts and tribunals.
  • Registration of marriages held abroad.
  • Procurement of criminal background checks.
  • Cancellation of criminal background checks and police records.
  • Marriages held before a notary public or other civil officer.
  • Municipal registries, such as inclusion in the population census.
  • Procurement, legalisation and translation of birth and marriage certificates.
  • Exequatur
  • Procurement of healthcare cards.
  • Procurement of Spanish Identity Cards (DNI) and passports.
  • Invitation letters.
  • Return permits.

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